søndag 19. september 2010

One last thing you gotta do

(hammond organ, upright piano, subtle brass, Van Morrisson club ranting style)

Gotta go back there one more time
Just once again across the river
Over to Newlands avenue
Gonna pick up a bag of clothes,
Records and a pair of black shoes

Those shoes I thought she'd throw them out
But I guess I better go and pick them up any old roads
She just keeping them to be polite
In the back of a dusty cupboard on the right

Gotta take that road there one more time
Drive with nothing in my mind
So often I think but when it was
It lasted shorter than the spring

I better remember yeah the amp and speakers
Wonder if she kept the old tape deck I gave her, stopped working, you know.

Gotta not mix my words
Reckon on her being short and terse
Heck I suppose it could be worse
Or maybe it'll be her new man opening the door

Christ I hope I get parked, that with Weir's an' all
Always a bitch to get a space between their whistle blowin and the locals coming home
Remember well stalking people, students moving in, friends on evening visits.

Gotta go back just one more time
Kind of put a full stop on the last line
If she's wise and cold she'll ask
A freind to handle my lonesome task

What was that chinese called again, Jade Gardens. Oh, the best carry out food going but you had to wait you know an hour like, coming in from Manchester up the 6 and then the 74 just starving.

Driving Newlands Road again
Seems eternity and more
Has passed under the bridge I stand upon
Gaze to hopeless water's rush below

Hey I'm here in the fancy car and you know what, I've forgotten to put the radio on even. Me? I mean the roll of the tyres the only sound, the indicator dents into the ears you know..strange to be going passed the station on the hill there, all quiet inside.

It used to be that I would fly
Music playing to my heart
Coming back from being apart
Rushing in the late eve's glow

It only lasted a short time
My parking troubles on Newlands road
Didn't seem so short at all
It was back then in her own
Her very own wee wild woods time of life

She used to stack the fridge full, spent all her money on food and wine for the house. And you know when I opened it for a snack it had like all the best I liked.

Strawberries, olives in oil
Paul weller on her car radio
Full bodied red wine
Sea food extravagance
we couldn't damn well afford

You know my mother used to say champagne taste on a lemonade income....that was the issue, I mean I made my bread but her man, the sugar daddy, he had a 911 and all, you know, own business, into property. I shouldn't have tried to compete while he was on the scene, hear what I'm saying to myself now you hear?

Gotta think back just one more time
Just can't burn it from my mind
No good thinking youve forgotten
It's going to be there til I die

Maybe I shouldn't be going back
I felt it was a clear break
Closure they call it
Curse next corner and I got nerves

Up the riverside and the earlspark.Blocked the road end now, always a bad turn out to pollock . On newlands now, should be talking to you for real, but buddy I was cold back at the station but now my heart is racing, racing away.

Gotta face up to my heart one last time
Forsaken hope it rears again
Because the muscle in the midden
Holds hoping up within it's rythm

Gotta call round there one last time
Crossed the river bank and more
To find her friend open the door

Well you know it was the best thing, best thing man, you know. I mean seeing her again, it wouldn't have been right an' all. Her pal said she actualy wanted to, take me in for coffee and chat , cool you know. Been a while and all. But she was out with her man on a trip to dublin. Monied, she wouldn't care if he was nouveaux riche. It had to be that pal of coursse, the fricking one who never answered me, all passive aggressive the whole time. Now all nice as rose petals and says she thought it should have worked. Even said I was her favourite, there's been a few. Jesus, cow she was, all I am not in the set there you know and all.

She says just post the keys when you're done, I mean not even waiting, somewhere to be suddenly you know, late like. But she said expect a call from my ex' you know, wonder what that will be like.